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Ideas for your reunion

Articles and Video

You may need a reservation; but this outing is made for everyone! Most markets offer hay rides, corn mazes, live farm animals as well as fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. While you are there, find out if a family member / classmate grew up on a farm! 

Field Trip To Local Farmers Market

Guest Speaker

You probably have someone in your family/class that is well-qualified! Who started his/her own business? Who became a judge, pilot, musician, veterinarian, etc.? Engage that person to share his/her journey, encourage younger participants and answer any general questions from those in the audience..

Conduct a drive or use the time to learn about requirements / changes by state. You may even ask the mayor or congressperson to drop by and greet attendees and answer questions about how local government works and the importance of being involved.

Voter Registration

8/30/2013 - New York Times

"Born To Learn"

Catching up at your class reunion can truly be an inspiration!

8/30/2013 - New York Times

"Just One Big, Happy Family?"

This summer, 39 members of the Peters family gathered in Smith Mountain Lake, Va., just outside Roanoke, for their 40th family reunion.

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