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My father loved family reunions! I would be going to my first one without him before I fully understood why. Any reunion is a special occasion. In its own unique way, it is a connection to your past - a paragraph, a page, maybe even a chapter in your life story. Uniting Generations, Inc. exists to create a memorable, impactful reunion experience. One that exists long after those who came before have moved on... this was my father's gift to me!

  • To increase attendance!
  • To assure everyone has a great time!
  • To make lasting memories!



About us

Uniting Generations, Inc. seeks to preserve the reunion tradition. Everyone speaks of generation gaps, technological divides or just being too busy! Uniting Generations, Inc. showcases the products and services of local and national community agencies and businesses, educates in matters of personal safety and health; stimulating interest in the arts and sciences and encourages the preservation of family history and tradition. We help reunion planners build bridges allowing family and class communities to come together again with purpose.

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