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Reunion Packages

JUBILEE (Starting at $500)

Our simplest package developed to assist the reunion coordinators with the administrative logistics of planning an event. Uniting Generations, Inc. helps you prepare a detailed agenda for the duration of the reunion, draft a communication/cover letter and identify lodging, venue and transportation options for attendees. We will also provide suggestions for low/no cost activities designed to enhance the reunion experience. 


First Consultation - FREE!

We begin by taking a deep breath! Just the idea of planning a reunion can be overwhelming. Whether this is the first one or you are in need of a revival, Uniting Generations, Inc. can help you plan an occasion that is within your budget and fun for everyone who attends!

In the first hour, we will outline your expectations for your reunion. We will discuss particulars like budget, support and attendance. Unsure?!... That's OK! We have tips and strategies to help you determine the level of interest. Uniting Generations, Inc. will help pinpoint resources to help you get started!

Need additional support at any point in the process? It's yours! The consultation fee is only $50  per hour

LONG TIME NO SEE (Starting at $1000)

Perhaps you have a solid handle on coordinating your reunion, but want to add variety and energy to the occasion. Uniting Generations, Inc. has a ton of ideas! Want to document your ancestral history? How about plan a blood drive or volunteer at a local non-profit like Habitat for Humanity or Ronald McDonald house? Would you like to include guests unable to attend the reunion - like active military or someone overseas? With this package, Uniting Generations, Inc. will develop and execute two (2) specialized events for your attendees at your location.


Our most comprehensive package since it takes all of the arranging and coordinating out of your hands. You choose from our array of workshops, games, guest speakers and more. Whether your event is indoors or outside, Uniting Generations, Inc. will design a full day (up to 7 hours) of activities for your reunion attendees.


HOMECOMING (Starting at $250)

All packages include a post-reunion survey!

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